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Crate and Freight in Williamsport, PA

When it comes to the most safe and secure residential and commercial crating, packing and shipping of your valuable items, Crate and Freight in Williamsport, Pennsylvania is the number one company to trust.


Qualified staff members are standing by to assist with your needs when you are ready to ship your boxes, auto parts, business supplies, furniture, electronics and more!


Are you considering a move? Do you need help packaging your belongings? If so, you've come to the right place!

Shipping Service in Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Have you considered simplifying your life with one of the many solutions from Crate and Freight? If you reside in Williamsport or surrounding areas, then you can stop by our shop to see us about your needs at any time during regular business hours, or you can take a look around our website to get a better understanding of the services that are offered to you from the friendly staff at Crate and Freight. Managing all of your needs by yourself can be an exhaustive process. Certified staff members are here to help make this process easier than ever before. The staff is here to provide answers to any questions about our services that are not available for you to browse on this site. Your priorities are important, and they deserve immediate attention.

Welcome to an overview of all the services offered by Crate and Freight that are designed to help you ship, pack and take care of other needs. By reading this site, you will gain a better understanding of how staff members are here to help you. Crate and Freight does more than shipping. Qualified staff members work hard to help with all your title and tag needs for vehicle registration. In addition, Crate and Freight also offers certified notary services and copy or fax services. The goal is to make your life easier by taking the worry out of these difficult tasks. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact a staff member today. Crate and Freight is the solution for all types of folks in the Williamsport area. Why delay when you can start simplifying your life today? Crate and Freight is here to offer you and your family an alternative choice for your needs by providing worry free service when you need it most.